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What In the World Are SoulBiotics?

Well, the best way I can describe it is to say they’re like “probiotics for your soul.” They are the things that feed your Spirit, balance your emotions, and get you going in the right direction to improve your life. I created to give you tools to help you grow through life, not just go through it. There are tools here that will help you re-train your subconscious, anchor positive beliefs into your soul, and give you practical daily steps for personal development. My hope is that something here blesses you. Enjoy! :)
record your own affirmation, prayer, scriptures or mantra and we will create your own custom meditation mp3
SoulBiotics: 28 Days of Probiotics for your Soul is a workbook to jumpstart your best life with action steps.
Affirmation Meditation mp3s: These meditation mp3s are specially created with theta wave binaurals to reach your subconscious.
“Maintaining or rediscovering health requires action. ‘SoulBiotics’ provides simple, practical, daily steps that, when implemented, can help to significantly change your life for the better, one day at a time.”
– James Murphy Jr., D.O. (Board Certified in Family Practice, specializing in Natural Integrative Medicine Approaches)

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