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Affirmation Meditation mp3s

Are Your Subconscious Beliefs Holding You Back?

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Conscious effort to change negative beliefs about yourself can take a loooong time, mainly because your subconscious beliefs are thwarting your efforts. That’s where affirmation meditation mp3s come in to help you.

Your subconscious drives all your behaviour. It’s 90% of who you are. And it’s like a sponge – whatever dominating belief you feed into it stays as “truth” and your subconscious will play that out over and over again. If it’s a belief you want, that’s GREAT. But if it’s a belief that’s dragging you down such as “I’m a loser…” or “I can’t get ahead” then it’s going to make you have a sad life.

You’ve Been Pre-Programmed.

Your subconscious was a virtually unfiltered sponge when you were a little kid. From before you were born until about age 6, you were in a constant theta brainwave state, which is the state where your subconscious is most receptive. You didn’t have your own mind to decide what you did and didn’t want to believe. So if you were in a bad environment with your parents arguing, or with deprivation, punishments, and constantly hearing “we can’t afford it” or other fears spoken about, you soaked that in without the ability to reject it, and it set you up for the rest of your life.

But now you’re a grown-up, and although you could pin the blame on circumstances in your life, your issues are yours now, and you DO have the power to change your life for the better.

What Can I Do About it?

Get your subconscious on your side! Since it drives our behaviour, doesn’t it make sense to be sure it has our best interests at heart? Our affirmation meditation mp3s contain “positive statements” worded in the present tense using “I Am” wording (because it speaks to the soul that “this is your current state of being”). They also contain guided meditation, visualization, a breathing technique from Hawaiian Huna practice (Lomi Lomi/Ho’oponopono), plus a dash of self-hypnosis in the induction phase… all rolled into a soothing recording that’s specifically designed to get through to the deepest parts of your subconscious brain.

Why My Meditation mp3s Are Different

The meditations I’ve created on also contain binaural theta soundwaves (see the FAQ below). Binaural theta soundwaves transmit a different sound frequency to each ear. These separate tones “cross” to create a new Hz frequency matching the theta wave state of your brain. What that does is entrain your brain to the state where healing begins and genius is born.

We Have Two Meditation mp3s Available

AFFIRM is the meditation mp3 that speaks to your “all” – your Mind, Body and Spirit. It is more of an overall “well-being” type meditation. PROSPERITY is the meditation mp3 that speaks specifically to abundance in all its forms, but weighted toward finances and health. Both meditations employ the usage of positive “I Am” statements, and both feature the same induction/visualization/breathing/guided sections, plus binaural theta soundwaves (see FAQs below).

These are not a subliminal recordings. You will be able to hear soothing nature sounds, a gentle piano, and all the affirmations and guided meditation audio. But when listened to on headphones, your brain will hear what your ears cannot (the binaural theta soundwaves) and the effects of the meditation will be magnified because your subconscious will be more receptive.

Covering health, self-esteem, prosperity and relationships, these are both fantastic mp3s to listen to daily for optimum results. 40 Minutes each. See FAQs below for more information.

FAQs About the Affirmation Meditations

screengrab from Binaural Theta Soundwaves (aka “Binaural Beats,” “Binaural Waves,” “Theta Soundwaves”) are a sound frequency that can help entrain your brain to a theta-wave state. When your brain is in the theta wave state, the subconscious is very open to suggestions. It’s a state where Albert Einstein credited his moments of inspiration to have come from. The theta soundwave frequency is attained in a recording studio by putting one frequence in the left ear, and a different frequency in the right ear, and when they “cross,” they produce the Hz frequency for theta soundwaves. Therefore, meditation mp3s that contain binaurals have their optimum potential when listened to with headphones. They are still effective as meditations when listening to them normally, but if you listen with headphones, your brain has more of a chance to go into the theta wave “receptive subconscious” state.

Each meditation is approximately 40 minutes long. They are sold separately.

Samples of each meditation are available when you click the green button. No purchase necessary.