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What Are Binaural Theta Waves?

by / Monday, 12 January 2015 / Published in Uncategorized
What are binaural soundwaves? A graphic showing the 2 frequencies combining to become a new one.

Binaural Theta Soundwaves (aka “Binaural Beats,” “Binaural Waves,” “Theta Soundwaves”) are a sound frequency that can help entrain your brain to a theta-wave state.

When your brain is in the theta wave state, the subconscious is very open to suggestions. It’s a state where Albert Einstein credited his moments of inspiration to have come from.

The theta soundwave frequency is attained in a recording studio by putting one frequence in the left ear, and a different frequency in the right ear, and when they “cross,” they produce the Hz frequency needed for theta soundwaves. Therefore, meditation mp3s that contain binaurals have their optimum potential when listened to with headphones. They are still effective as meditations when listening to them normally, but if you listen with headphones, your brain has more of a chance to go into the theta wave “receptive subconscious” state. But let’s back up here and give a little more background…

Our brains think.

That’s what they do. We think upwards of 50,000 thoughts per day, and of those, it’s believed that about 70% of them are negative. Every thought you think changes neural pathways and brain chemical output, further creating a cascade of effects on mood, health, and general well-being.

The best way people have found to limit negative though patterns and relieve stress is through meditation. Thousands of studies have proven that meditation can make you smarter, happier, and healthier – and it can even slow down the rate of brain cell aging.

But anyone can tell you… meditation is not that easy. Because our brains think. And meditation requires the quieting of our minds. It can take years to master the focus, concentration and discipline needed to be adept at it, which can turn anyone off to even trying.

Enter binaural theta soundwaves.

To fully appreciate binaural theta soundwaves, you need to know a bit about brainwave entrainment. Did you know that if you put a metronome in a room full of other metronomes, they will soon all synchronize? Well binaural “beats” cause your brain to synchronize (aka “entrain”) with their frequency. Each brainwave state operates at a different frequency, and is associated with different states of consciousness. Therefore, it is possible to manipulate your consciousness by entraining your brain to the same frequency as the binaural frequency you’re listening to. In laymens’ terms, that basically means, if you want your subconscious to be at its most receptive while listening to your positive affirmations, you need to get to a theta wave state, which can be sped up by listening to binaural beats at the theta wave frequency.

All meditations include binaural theta soundwaves to assist in inducing this state of consciousness. Therefore, one no longer needs to spend YEARS of meditation practice to elicit the benefits thereof. The results can be attained much quicker with binaural theta soundwaves combined with positive affirmations.

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