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Custom Meditations

NOTICE (Sept. 2018) We are temporarily unable to record your meditation directly from the website. You can still order, record your audio on your cell phone, and email it to us, but we are looking for a better direct-audio solution for the website.

How Awesome would it be to create your own custom meditation mp3?

How to record and order your custom meditation mp3

Now you can. And it doesn’t need to be an affirmation… it can be scriptures, prayers, mantras, sayings… it can even be in another language.

There is a power behind hearing your own voice, in your own words, speaking good things to yourself. Every self-help guru knows that. From Louise Hay to Bob Proctor and everyone in between, they all agree that repetition is the key to anchoring positive change down deep into your subconscious.

Louise Hay did it with mirror work. Bob Proctor used to drive around on his sales calls with a portable record player that repeated all his positive auto-suggestions.
Here on this website, I’ve created a way for you to do record your own auto-suggestions directly from your computer or phone, and I produce your custom meditation mp3 from there. Watch the video to further explain it.

It’s the easiest and fastest way possible to get your own words and your own desired changes in a repetitive recording, with added soothing music and binaural theta soundwaves,* so you can meditate to it and let it sink deep into your Soul.

Why is my Subconscious So Important?

Your subconscious drives all your behaviour. It’s 90% of who you are. And it’s like a sponge – whatever dominating belief you feed into it stays as “truth” and your subconscious will play that out over and over again. If it’s a belief you want, that’s GREAT. But if it’s a belief that’s dragging you down such as “I’m a loser…” or “I can’t get ahead” then it’s going to make you have a bad life.

You’ve Been Pre-Programmed.

Your subconscious was a virtually unfiltered sponge when you were a little kid. From before you were born until about age 6, you were in a constant theta brainwave state, which is the state where your subconscious is most receptive. You didn’t have your own mind to decide what you did and didn’t want to believe. So if you were in a bad environment with your parents arguing, or with deprivation, punishments, and constantly hearing “we can’t afford it” or other fears spoken about, you soaked that in without the ability to reject it, and it set you up for the rest of your life.

But now you’re a grown-up, and although you could pin the blame on circumstances in your life, your issues are yours now, and you DO have the power to change your life for the better. It’s in your hands. So…

I Invite You to Create Your Own Custom Meditation.

Whether it’s a series of affirmations, or scriptures, prayers or mantras, it doesn’t matter… it just needs to be important to you. You will have a choice of background music when you order, and all the meditations come with binaural theta soundwaves to further ensure that your subconscious will be the most receptive it can be. See the FAQs below:

FAQs About the Custom Meditation Process

screengrab from Binaural Theta Soundwaves (aka “Binaural Beats,” “Binaural Waves,” “Theta Soundwaves”) are a sound frequency that can help entrain your brain to a theta-wave state. When your brain is in the theta wave state, the subconscious is very open to suggestions. It’s a state where Albert Einstein credited his moments of inspiration to have come from. The theta soundwave frequency is attained in a recording studio by putting one frequence in the left ear, and a different frequency in the right ear, and when they “cross,” they produce the Hz frequency for theta soundwaves. Therefore, meditation mp3s that contain binaurals have their optimum potential when listened to with headphones. They are still effective as meditations when listening to them normally, but if you listen with headphones, your brain has more of a chance to go into the theta wave “receptive subconscious” state.

In my own personal recordings, I’ve done both auto-suggestions, or a litany of “thank yous,” or a bunch of scriptures that encourage me. Here is an example of an old auto-suggestion “poem” I recorded:

I’m burning a pound of fat off my body every day
I am making $XX profit every single day
I am attracting my future spouse every single day
And every day, I’m getting healthier in every single way.”

Here is an example of a ‘thank you” litany:

Thank you for the house I live in. I love the location and it is so beautiful; it is such a blessing to me.
Thank you for my soft bed to sleep at night, and that I am protected. Warm during the cold, and cool during the hotter seasons.
Thank you for my family, for keeping them healthy, for protecting and guiding them...

When you go to record your affirmations (or sayings, scriptures, mantras, etc), you will have up to 5 minutes of recording time. You can pack a lot in during that time. You will also have the opportunity to review your recording and make sure you like it before you submit it to us. As for “duration of the meditation recording itself,” it is one hour long. We will take your custom recording, process it sound-wise as best as we can (eg: add reverb, remove noises), and loop it to repeat as much as possible for the full hour. Repetition is the key to reprogramming your subconscious.

When you do your recording, you will have a chance to listen back to it before you submit it to us. Once it's submitted, it cannot be changed. IMPORTANT: Please do not record things such as “Hi, my name is Carine and this is my affirmation...” Only record what you want on your final meditation mp3. This is very important, especially if you are recording in a language other than English.

So far, I have created two hour-long background music compilations for the custom meditation mp3s. I will be adding more as time permits. Due to copyright issues, etc, we cannot use your own music or another artist’s music as background music. Here are samples you will be able to pick from: