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Create Your Own Custom Meditation mp3

NOTICE (Sept. 2018) We are temporarily unable to record your meditation directly from the website. You can still order, record your audio on your cell phone, and email it to us, but we are looking for a better direct-audio solution for the website.

LET’S CREATE YOUR OWN CUSTOM MEDITATION mp3! Below, please select your preferred background music below (samples are available for you to listen to) and then click “Add to Cart.” After checkout is complete, you will see an “Order Details” confirmation page and it will say ‘Please click to go to this Private Recording Page…’ – that link will take you to a page where you will record your affirmations, sayings, prayers, mantras – whichever you wish. Your Custom Meditation mp3 will be delivered to you via email within 3-5 business days. Thank you!


Meditation mp3s with Binaural Theta Waves

Do you want affirmations to finally get through to your Soul? Get the help of your subconscious! These affirmation meditation mp3s go deep by utilizing binaural soundwaves, so that positive affirmations can penetrate into your subconscious and create long term, positive changes. Equal parts affirmations, guided meditation, visualization, and a dash self-hypnosis all rolled into one. Two versions available: “AFFIRM” (positive ‘I Am’ affirmation meditation) and “PROSPERITY” (positive prosperity affirmations, also utilizing ‘I Am’ wording). Both run approximately 40 minutes. Choose from the dropdown menu.


SoulBiotics Workbook + “AFFIRM” Meditation mp3

Save money and jumpstart your self-improvement when you buy both the SoulBiotics workbook and the “AFFIRM” meditation mp3 together. The workbook features 28 days worth of “probiotics for your soul” – essentially the “Cliff Notes” to personal development; and the meditation mp3 features positive “I Am” affirmations along with special binaural theta soundwaves to anchor new beliefs down deep into your subconscious.


SoulBiotics: 28 Days of Probiotics for Your Soul

This is the page to purchase the “SoulBiotics: 28 Days of Probiotics for Your Soul’ workbook. After checkout is complete, you will see an “Order Details” confirmation page and it will say ‘DOWNLOAD’ in small type – that link will allow you to download your pdf immediately. Thank you!