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The SoulBiotics Workbook

Jumpstart Your Efforts at Self-Improvement with the “SoulBiotics” Workbook

Video about SoulBiotics: 28 Days of Probiotics for Your Soul

Are you struggling with racing thoughts and imbalanced emotions and can’t seem to quite get into the groove to live your best life?

I totally understand… I’ve been there, and that’s how “SoulBiotics” the workbook came to be. Several years ago, I was going through a very rough time, and it lasted a long time too. It wasn’t just one crisis, it was a series of them compounded on each other. I knew that if I didn’t do something proactive to help myself, I would sink into a deep depression, grow bitter, and who knows what else. So I began to read, listen to, and practice just about every single self-help book/teacher/preacher/modality I possibly could. I was voracious and disciplined about it. I must have read at least 20 books; each with its own approach to improving my life. Most everything I learned was very good… very valuable. I implemented much of it into my daily life, and I grew through my trial. But I knew there had to be an easier, faster way for others to do the same. Not everyone has the time or resources to dive in like I did…

So I took everything I learned during that time and I broke it down into little steps that anyone could follow. The “cliff notes” to self-help, if you will. I put them into this workbook so that you don’t have to read 20+ books and go to countless seminars in order to effect positive change in your life. You can start from day one.

“Maintaining or rediscovering health requires action. ‘SoulBiotics’ provides simple, practical, daily steps that, when implemented, can help to significantly change your life for the better, one day at a time.”
– James Murphy Jr., D.O. (Board Certified in Family Practice, specializing in Natural Integrative Medicine Approaches for 22+ Years)

The tools contained in “SoulBiotics” will get you to do tangible, daily activities that will aid in balancing your emotions, your body and your thoughts… in short, your Soul. From powerfully symbolic forgiveness rituals to clutterbusing… creating personal affirmations to understanding your “dosha” – this 28 day workbook will put footsteps to philosophy and help you to GROW through life, not just go through it. I hope it blesses you 🙂

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